I See I'm Changing

The day I am writing this, there are nine hours and two minutes of daylight. 

That's one more minute of daylight than there was yesterday, one less than there will be tomorrow. 

The days are lighter longer. But the change is so slight, it's nearly impossible to notice. 

Until one day, you do. You're leaving work and you realize you didn't have to turn your headlights on or weren't walking home by street light. 

Much change happens quietly and slowly. So quiet and so slow, it can seem like there's no movement at all.  

It's as true about the lengthening of the days as it is about building muscles, be it the bicep, courage, or patience muscle, or changing habits, be it the eating, sleeping, or self-care habit. 

Sometimes, when I'm working at transformation, but have no proof of change yet, I tell myself, This must mean it's the kind of change that's worthwhile. If it were quick and easy, I'd have done it ages ago. 

But if we stay at it, if we are tenacious and gentle with ourselves, the moment will come when we look up and realize, Oh, I've changed. 

Tomorrow, there will be nine hours and three minutes of daylight. Probably, it won't feel any lighter than today. 

But this time next month, there will be 10 hours of daylight. At some point, I will look up and realize, Oh, yes, it is changing.

And if I remember, I will do what is always wise to do when beautiful change is happening, in ourselves or in the world.

I will say, Thank you. 

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