An Alternative to Getting Annoyed

When something drives me bananas. 

When someone's behavior baffles me.

When I can't understand why on earth that thing happened. 

Here's something I offer myself: I have incomplete information. 

And I have yet to find a situation where that isn't true. 

I see an inflammatory bumper sticker. I could think: What jerk puts that piece of rot on their car? Or I can tell myself: Caitie, you've got incomplete information. You have no idea what causes, scares, heartbreaks, conditioning led to this belief. 

Someone sends a major bluster of emails about a minor issue. A car pulls forward, blocks the intersection, and I can't turn. No one sanded a wickedly icy patch of sidewalk. 

Irritability is easy for me. It's also easy for me to get all wound up in it. But if I can remember I have incomplete information, it grounds me in reality and frees me from the cage of annoyance. 

When it comes to the world and those in it, we will always have little more than a small window onto the whole picture. 

We can mistake the small window for the whole picture. Or we can gently recognize the limit of our view. And live in the freedom of that awareness. 

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