This Brilliant Little Thing We Do

This brilliant and unplanned little thing happened the other night.

I was reading aloud. I came to a word I’m not really familiar with: primordially. And without even thinking, I slowed way down, focused in, and began to work my way through it.

Did it come out sounding like poetry? Not a bit. But could a listener understand what I was saying? Absolutely.

We have this brilliant little instinct to go slow, be attentive, and find our way. Which seems to me to be a great way to confront the unfamiliar. Be it unfamiliar words, ideas, animals, places, people, times.

We might not – probably won’t – feel graceful. That’s okay. Learning doesn’t ask that we be balletic. It just asks that we be awake and aware.

So when faced with the unknown or the uncharted, perhaps we can start by going slower, paying close attention, and gently working our way forward.

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