The Great News Go-Tos

I have a short list of folks I go to when great stuff happens.

Can I share some good news? I’ll ask them. Hell yeah, they’ll respond.

Then I share out the kind words, awesome development, total surprise that occurred. And they whoop and cheer as if it happened as much to them as to me.

We humans have these brilliant brains that clutch onto bad news forever and ever and struggle mightily to remember the good stuff minutes after it’s happened.

Unintentionally, I’ll replay the bad stuff again and again. So, intentionally, I replay the great stuff with my good news go-tos. It helps to lodge the sweetness in my memory.

The replay becomes a buoyant celebration over texts, emails, in person. And whatever form, the sharing makes the good news linger longer in my mind.

But here’s the other thing: the fact that these generous souls exist – the ones who cheer the loudest and longest for our triumphs – is good news in and of itself. Being able to share with them reminds me, again and again, of that.

And perhaps even more importantly, it reminds me that I aim to be the kind of generous soul who is on someone else’s short list of good news go-tos.

Which is some kind of high calling: to be one who helps another savor the good stuff in life.

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Increasing JoyCaitie Whelan