The Art of Seeing & Celebrating

There is a receptionist I know.

She works at a busy, busy practice. But when you’re in her waiting room, you feel like you’re in her living room.

She’s warm. She delights in seeing you (and “you” could be you, me, your mother’s friend, Carl). But what touches me the most is that she looks you in the eye and greets you by your name. And I am ennobled in her waiting room.

I’ve wondered if that’s part of her job description. And what a brilliant description! Part of your job is to see and celebrate people.

Then I started thinking, I’ll make that part of my job description. Not my job as a business owner, worker, taxpayer. But my Job as a person living alongside other people.

Our human assignment has many pieces to it. For me, some include be loving, be grateful, contribute, slow down to see the sunset, give more than I take.

And I’ve got to think that ennobling those around us is part of it, too. Perhaps they will feel as seen and as celebrated as I do in that receptionist’s waiting room.

So, here’s a new piece of my human assignment: I will work to look people in the eye and use their names like it’s my job.

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