Doing Less With More

I've been focused on doing less with more. 

By which I mean doing fewer things, but with more energy and intention. 

When I don't spread myself thin as ribbon across 52 things, I have more energy to identify what I need to do now. Then do it with full-on purpose. 

It's a little buck to the system. And it's a system that prizes multitasking and measures productivity - perhaps worth, too - by tasks finished. 

But what the system doesn't prize is a soul fulfilled. And no amount of rushing and crossed off lists can nourish that part of us. 

I've done more with less energy, and certainly less joy. I've relished that little shot of satisfaction that comes from getting stuff done.

But I've got to believe there's a bigger, more sustained satisfaction out there for us. And I think that it lies, at least in part, in doing fewer things, but doing them with more of our whole selves. 

For me, it means saying "No" more often. Making more time for quiet and discernment; I love how the poet Anne Sexton described it: "Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard." Then making decisions based on my values, not societal conditioning. 

It's an art form I'm learning. We don't get training in how to hear the soul. But if we are to be whole people, not fragments of hectic movement, perhaps we can start by seeing where in the vast expanse of our life, we can do less, but with more of ourselves. 

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