A Powerful Act of Connection

My best friend writes to tell me she went to that Thai place I told her about.  

So good! Can't wait to go back, she says. 

I love reading her note. It's a sweet thing when someone else likes something we like. 

But what else touches me is that she took me up on my recommendation. It's not everyday that someone tries out a restaurant, book, store, habit that we offer up.

That makes perfect sense, too. We are, after all, living full lives. Plus, sometimes those recommendations don't land quite right with us. 

And yet if I linger on the lovely feeling of reading her note, it makes me think that I will take up others' on their recommendations more often. Not only because I want to read the words that moved them or visit the lighthouse that took their breath away. 

But because it's another way of saying, I hear you. And what you say matters to me. Which is a simple, powerful, and rare thing to give someone. 

So now, I'm going to the library to get the book my best friend recommended. When I finish it, I'll write her a note about it. 

Which, she showed me, is another way of saying, When you speak, I listen. 

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