A Plan for When We Fall Short

Here we are setting out on a wide open new year. 

I've got a sackful of things I want to accomplish. More importantly, though, I have a plan for when I fall short of my aim. 

I'm not pessimistic or assuming failure. 

What I am is human. And we humans miss our marks sometimes. 

My plan's just two words that come straight from poet Philip Larkin: Begin afresh. 

I love the fresh hope of a new year, month, week, day. But there's the easily missed fresh hope of a new moment, too. And the moment I'm thinking about is the moment after I eat too much or spend too much, say or do the unkind thing, act regrettably. 

This is when I'll catch myself with all the kindness I can summon and say: Begin afresh, Caitie. Begin afresh. 

It's a mini reset. A reminder to self: Don't wait for the major reset of next Monday or next month; now, in this fresh moment, pick yourself up and move, again, towards your fuller, wider, wiser self. 

They say only the deities do perfect work. So, out of respect for my humanness, I'll plan for fumbles. Knowing that I always have the refuge of a fresh moment. 

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