Doing Ourselves a Favor

I did myself a terrific favor.

It’s dropped my stress and freed up my energy; I’m feeling pretty liberated these days. And now it’s time to shout the good news of this favor from the rooftops.

I hired an accountant!

In the last two years, I spent the better part of March and early April whacking cheerlessly away at my taxes. It vacuumed up my energy, time, sleep. When I filed, I made up my mind: No more.

My value added is in growing this business I believe in. My value added is not in doing my taxes. Yes, I can do them. I can also make my own sneakers. But I’d get no satisfaction from it, nor would I do it particularly well or joyfully. And any money saved is lost in time I didn’t have doing work where I have real value to offer.

So, this has been an instructive question to ask myself: Where can I contribute value? And what can I do to more fully give my time over to that?

No question, hiring someone is a privileged answer to that. But it’s certainly not the only answer. We could ask for help, find a way to automate it, create a new system.

But the more we can redirect our time towards where we can offer value – be it work, play or rest – seems to me to be doing ourselves a real favor.

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