A Little-Used Productivity Tool

Someone once gave me terrific advice about moving. 

The most important thing, she said, is to make up your bed first. No matter what else you do or don't get done, you'll have a place to rest when you're tired.

So, the other evening, I stood in a new room in a new house. I wanted to do those easy unpacking wins: toothpaste in bathroom, shoes in the closet, hang up the sweaters in that big plastic bag so I could see more of the wooden floor. There was a massive amount to do. 

But it was already past dinnertime. You know what to do, I told myself. Give yourself the kindness of a place to rest your head. 

I unearthed my comforter, tucked the pillow into its case, set up the bed, pulled sheets over it. When I finished, it was surprisingly nourishing to see that big soft rectangle in my room. 

I pulled sweaters out of bags and stuck my shoes in the closet. And I thought to myself, when we have a massive amount to do, what if we made the first order of business arranging a point of rest for when we're tired? 

It could be a bed. Or it could be a mug of coffee or tea, a slow walk around the block, that evening workout or yoga class. Whatever is a reprieve and enables us to take on that massive work with the massiveness of heart and spirit it likely calls for. 

Seeing and knowing my bed was ready and available raised my energy. And with a resting point cared for, I found a new productivity that carried me through the unpacking and into a restorative night's sleep. 

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ProductivityCaitie Whelan