The Glory Givers

I love that word, “kudos.”

It’s so enjoyable to pronounce. It’s unused enough that it pops when you say it or hear it. It’s also a sweet thing to give someone.

I’d thought it meant to give praise, like a verbal high-5. But if you dig into the dictionary and root around in the etymology, it comes from the Greek ‘kydos,’ which means, among other things, glory.

And that’s a pretty amazing thing to give a person. Especially since most of us don’t walk around feeling like our lives are bogged down in glory. Plus, giving kudos costs us nothing other than the time it takes to say those five letters strung together.

So if we can give people glory, why not give it regularly? We could make a ritual of glory-giving, for things big or small – but, perhaps, especially the small.

Give someone kudos for a coffee well-made, a sentence well-phrased, a kindness well-offered, a garden well-grown. It could be weekly, daily, hourly or whenever we’re in a new room. Sometimes, I suspect, we’ll have to look for things to give kudos for. But that’s not such a bad way to spend a few minutes.

We can be so many things in the course of a common day: sister, brother, driver, customer, employee, lunch-maker, lunch-eater. Why not be a glory giver, too?

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