When Movement Masquerades As Productivity

If you leave my house and drive to the bottom of the street, you'll come to a busy four-lane road. If you have to take a left - as most folks do, since it's how you get into town - be prepared to wait. The traffic comes and comes.

Now, it's tempting not to wait. It's tempting to turn right, do a loop around the village center, and head into town that way.

Here's why it's tempting: Because you're moving. And moving can feel so much better than waiting. It can feel like we're really doing something.

Except the truth is it's slower to go right than wait to turn left. If you go right, you're just doing something for the sake of doing something.

Movement often masquerades as productivity. But sometimes the most productive thing to do is be still until a good movement can be made.

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