Keep Your Winstons Close

In Boise, there is an owl named Winston. He is six. He has yellow-green eyes and grey feathers. He is the size of a small Mason jar.

I met him at a bird refuge on top of a big hill. He had been woken up from his midday nap to greet visitors. He looked both alarmed and composed, not a ruffled feather on him.

And I fell head over heels for Winston. He was this tiny bundle of dignity and grey feathers.

I took a photo of him. In it, he stares just above the camera, his little talons turned slightly in, his body small and strong in a world that must seem huge and loud to him.

I looked at the photo again and again, even made it the wallpaper on my phone. Something about that tiny owl always cheers me, no matter my mood, the weather, all that was going on.

And what I'm finding is that it's good to keep the things that cheer us nearby, where it takes little effort to retrieve them. It can make for a fast, easy lift to the spirit.

So keep your Winstons close. It's a small and strong act in this huge, loud world of ours.

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