Choosing the Challenge

I have moved off my island home. I loved the people, the nature, the Atlantic only a few steps or headturns away.

But I was spending all this energy navigating the ferry schedule - making meetings around it and cancelling appointments because of it, leaving events early to catch it.

And that was energy I'd rather spend growing this Lightning Notes business I wanted to give the world.

I told my best friend about it. Yes, she said. She thinks about this when she's doing lesson planning for her middle school classroom, she told me. Where do I want the challenge to be? is how she put it.

And I loved that wording. For sure, some challenges we can't control. But for the ones we can, a powerful exercise can be taking a bird's eye view of our life and asking, "Are the challenges where I want them to be?"

I miss the island. But I've chosen to place the challenge elsewhere in my life. And I'll tell you, it's been a time-opening, energy-giving choice to make.

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