When In Doubt, Go Towards Connection

I hadn't made an effort to talk to her. I hardly knew her, I told myself. What would I say, anyway. What can anyone say to someone in inconsolable grief?

Days upon weeks upon months, and I didn't reach out to her.

Then, one afternoon, I saw her. And I was of two minds. Wait for her to pass, one said. Go towards her, the other said. Let her know you care.

Which I realized was what I needed to do - was all I could do: tell her I cared for her.

I went to her. I have been thinking about you so much, I said. You are in my heart.

She smiled. We talked for a few minutes. She told me a bit about her life. I told her a bit about mine. And then she needed to go.

I hope to see you again, I said. She nodded. Thank you, she said, for saying something.

And I walked away thinking, When in doubt, Caitie, go towards connection. Go.

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