Self-Care for Rough & Tumble Times

This evening, I sent off several emails. Let's grab a coffee, I wrote to folks who were local. Would love to get a phone chat on the books, for folks who were further afield.

These are rough and tumble times we're in. I've been thinking a lot about how we care for ourselves during these moments. Which is where all these emails for all these coffees and phone calls come in.

An outstanding act of self-care is being intentional about who we spend our time with. If I am unthinking, the day can fill up with mindless connection. So, I am thinking and then acting on who I want to be with.

One late night conversation was so energizing, I barely slept. This phone call with a friend across the country calmed and comforted me. And a breakfast meeting wound me up and shot me off into the world, bound and determined to make it greater, kinder, more just.

So as we figure out how to be in these wild times, let's figure in the people who remind us who we can be.

I am filling my days to the brim with them. It fortifies my hope and builds up my spirit. There is nothing fluffy or frivolous about this kind of self-care. This is the fierce stuff, which is what rough and tumble times call for.

And then, with a heart both fuller and lighter, I can care more deeply, more actively for this hurting world of ours.

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