The Incidental Phone Call

I was pretty sure her birthday was in the summer. But the notification on my phone said it was today, smack in the heart of fall. So while on my morning walk, I called my friend.

I am delighted to talk to you on this important and awesome day, I whooped into the phone. Happy HAPPY Birthday! I am so glad you were born.

Well, that's just great; you are wonderful to call! My friend's voice was full of warmth and laughter. And I thought rather grandly to myself, Whelan, these birthday calls you make are pretty special stuff.

Now, my friend continued, it's not my technical, legal, on-my-license birthday-

Oh now! Is that so? I scrolled through my phone; had my notification's failed me?

But, my friend went on, I think everyday should be our birthday. And this call was a terrific way to start the morning.

We then had a good boisterous chat, as we often do. And when we got off the phone, it occurred to me: Why not? Why not call people any day of the year and let them know how happy we are they were born?

No need to save that for the birthday.

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