What To Do When Standing in the Rain

The construction worker stands in the pouring rain. She holds a sign: STOP on one side, SLOW on the other.

A big yellow plow trundles past her. Once it has crossed the street, the construction worker walks to the sidewalk.

It is a short, wet walk. But the construction worker doesn't go straight back to the sidewalk. She still commands the traffic, owns the road.

She goes to the left of the sidewalk, where there is a dip in the road. The dip is filled with water.

The construction worker bends her knees deep. She launches herself into the air, heavy boots following soaking, heavy jeans. And she comes smashing, then splashing down into the dip. A glorious, filthy spray of water soars off the earth.

The construction worker returns to the sidewalk. And she grins.

After all, she knows what to do when standing in the rain.

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