When It Comes to Hard Decisions

I have been in the lousy thick of indecision. I have been so utterly unclear about what to do that I'd pay someone big, real money to decide for me.

People, well-intentioned people, say, "You should just..." or "Why don't you just..." And you know that if it were a matter of just doing something, you would have just done it a long time ago.

So, in these hard decision places, I think it can be helpful to acknowledge that all the easy choices, all the "just..." choices have already been eliminated.

This acknowledgment may help open up a little kindness for ourselves, a little recognition that, yes, this is hard.

If indecision tightens up our thinking - and it surely does mine - a little kindness can help soften it up. And when my thinking is softer and looser, my priorities become clearer and insight seems to come more readily.

I can't guarantee we'll immediately know what to do. But what I can offer is that tenderness towards ourselves makes indecision a whole lot less lousy.

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