The Art of Making An Impact

We know there are 24 hours in a day. Nobody gets any more or less. We all get the same 24.

And one of the most underused powers we humans have is the power to do something remarkable with those common hours.

Put plainly, we have the power to make an impact.

Now, an hour is a big unit of time, so let's break it down a little further. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, 86,400 seconds. And we don't need more than a few minutes or seconds to make an impact.

Want proof?

A fellow paid for our $2 toll on a snowy night; two bucks and I still remember it 15 years later. When I have spare cash, I pay the toll of whomever is behind me.

For my mother's 75th birthday, I reached out to 75 friends to ask for one moment when she touched their lives; I'd put them all into a book for her. I thought people would say things like, "When you flew across the country for my wedding," or "How you showed up at my graduation." A few did. But the overwhelming majority of people wrote things like, "The way you say good morning makes me feel like I matter," or "How you shared your sandwich with me."

A man wrapped a $3 bunch of daffodils with so much care, so much love, when he handed them to me, I thought I'd been given a $1,000 bouquet.

We don’t need thousands of hours or millions of dollars or a big fancy job to make an impact. Sometimes, all it takes is our heart tilted in the right direction. And a few common seconds.

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