What the Musician Taught Me

It's 5pm, and I am sitting on a cafe patio alongside several others sipping and chatting and easing into the evening. Also on the patio is a musician. He is playing gently, sweetly, songs everybody knows a few words to.

But the people on the patio don't clap, say, do anything to acknowledge him. We sip and we chat, sip and chat.

I notice, though, that the musician's playing is no less gentle, no less sweet.

And I have to think that he would play the same way if we were a roaring crowd of thousands. He would pour all his heart had to pour into these songs.

When I leave the patio, I thank the musician. And it is a thank you for his songs.

And for showing me that sometimes courage is playing full and playing on no matter what the people on the patio say or do.

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