Speaking About What Matters

Let's say you have to give some remarks in front of a whole bunch of people. (Slight aside, here's why I'd love to drop the term public speaking like a hot potato.) And let's say you get real nervous.

That fear can get big, can't it?

We can eat it away, back out of the speaking, rue the day we agreed to open our mouths in front of other people.

Or we can find something in us that's bigger than our fear and put our focus squarely on that.

Think, for a sec, about an incredible presence you've seen on stage. Maybe a dynamite teacher, brilliant MC, electrifying slam poet. What made them so incredible? How'd they blow the roof off the place?

There could be many things. But I'm going to guess that one element was that they were speaking about something that mattered to them. It mattered to them in their head and in their heart, and when something matters to us like that, there's a good chance it's bigger than our fear.

Because when we speak from what matters to us, we're backed by the courage of our convictions. We've got the full measure of our brains and our love behind us, and that's one mighty force to reckon with.

So, when tasked with speaking, I've found a powerful first step is to find that fire that matters to us, build our remarks from its light. And, of course, practice our heart out.

Then, I think, we stand as good a chance as any of going out on stage and blowing the roof off the place.

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FearCaitie Whelan