A Hundred Paths To Where We Want to Go

Let's say I want to get from Boston to Baltimore. The obvious thing to do would be to hop online, check out a few flights, and book something.

But let's say none of the flights work - too expensive, not the right time, or maybe I just don't like to fly. The obvious option is ruled out.

I still really want to get to Baltimore, though. What do I do?

I could drive. Or look at trains, buses, rental cars.

I could ask friends if anyone is headed in that direction; I'll bring granola and 27 hours of music. Or if I love biking, I could make up my own bike route that would have me stopping at friends' houses along the way.

There are hundreds of paths to where we want to go. But there are only a tiny handful that are well-lit, well-trod, well-known. People will say those paths are the only way, they are what we should do, perhaps they are what we must do.

But if those paths don't light us up or enlarge our spirit, our work is to think creatively and courageously enough to find one that does.

And who knows? Maybe we'll make a path that others - others who also weren't lit up and enlarged by the well-lit only/should/must paths - can take, too.

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