Those Essential & Powerful Moments

Of the things I believe, one of the top most is this: Somewhere along the arc of every day, we must give ourselves a few moments.

Otherwise, the day is less of an arc and more of a flat line.

I have a friend who uses a long morning commute not to get caught up on work, books, podcasts, but to sit quietly with herself.

Another takes herself to a dance class that isn’t near her office or near her home, but it is so near her soul as to be a part of it.

I know of early morning runners and walkers, meditators, a mother who gets up for a quiet cup of coffee before the rest of the house. Late evening journalers.

Anything that pauses us, deepens our breath, enlarges our spirit, gets us beyond our head and into our whole self - heart, hands, and all.

We give our time to work. We give our time to people, plans, projects, and progress.

But some of that time must be given to ourselves or else we will have nothing left to give away. And we are just flatlining.

So here’s to those moments, those essential and powerful moments, that we offer ourselves.

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Growing WiserCaitie Whelan