What If We Weren't Afraid of Being Laughed At?

Have you ever seen a little kid who dressed herself? Maybe she's wearing orange and green stripped leggings, slippers in the shape of bananas, a tutu, and a sombrero.

She doesn't care what we think. She doesn't care if we laugh. She feels like a million and one bucks.

But what happens as we get older is we start to care. We start to worry people will laugh.

There is a line somewhere to the tune of many great ideas have been lost in the dustbin of history because somebody was afraid of being laughed at.

And it's true. We are idea generating machines. Some lousy, some beautiful. Yet so often, we keep all of them hidden; we don't raise our hand, don't pitch the concept, don't speak up, because we care so much about what others will think.

But each time we care not for our ideas but for the opinions of others, the world misses out.

So here's my challenge to us: let's return to our old slippers in the shape of bananas, orange and green stripped leggings ways. Raise our hand, pitch, speak up and out. Forget the dustbin of history, we're in the business of making history.

If people laugh, let'em laugh. I'll bet you a million and one bucks there's some part of them that still wishes they could wear a sombrero and a tutu.

And who knows, maybe if they see us doing it, they'll be reminded they can, too. Then perhaps a time will come when we're all in the business of wearing banana slippers and contributing to history.

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