Of Bananas & Bold Claims

I am going to make a bold claim here. It is easier to open a banana from the bottom than the top.

I feel qualified to say this because on average, I eat two to five bananas a day. This means I open between 14-35 bananas a week, 60-150 a month, and let's just say plenty a year.

I'm not saying this to flaunt my potassium intake. I'm just saying that when it comes to pealing bananas, I've got a little experience.

So, I used to open them right from the stem. That's the conventional way.

But the conventional way is not synonymous with the best or the only way. Not to mention the most fulfilling, meaningful, exciting way.

It's just the conventional way. So everywhere we look, fine yellow fruit is being pealed stem-first.

But over the course of many bunches of bananas, I've found that it's easier, faster, even more satisfying to open them bottom-first.

So perhaps it's helpful to keep in mind, should we find ourselves knee-deep in convention and unsatisfied by it, that there's more than one way to open a banana.

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