Clues to Living the Life We Want to Live

I've noticed a few things about myself. If I don't get seven hours of sleep, I'm toast. Toast with a cranky spirit and insatiable appetite for pretzels and sweet snacks.

Two to four in the afternoon is a great time for me to take a walk and do quickie projects like order contact lenses or pay bills. It's not a great time for me to do big think work; my higher order thinking tends to be snoozing then.

I always feel better when I drink water. In part, because it feels like I'm doing right by myself.

I'm sharing this because I think our body is always giving us clues about how it wants, if not needs, to be treated so we can live the life we want to live.

And sometimes those clues are in big, bold opposition to what we want to do - be it stay out late, late, late or end the workout early, early, early.

There are books we can read, classes we can take, professionals we can hire to help us live better, stronger, longer. That's all important. But there's also the wisdom, personalized just for us, that we carry around in our bodies all day, every day.

My body and I aren't always harmonious. At the moment, she would like me to have gotten another hour of sleep and a cup less of coffee.

But the times when I feel most synched up and psyched up are when I've paid attention to the clues my body gives me and treated her the way she needs to be treated so I can live the life I want to live.

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