Two Mood Boosters & One (Possible) Calm Inducer

We all have those days where our mood is in the mud. It's part and parcel of the human experience. No doubt somebody, or, in fact, many somebodys, are in such a mood as I write this and you read this.

Recently, I've been toying around with a few ready-made techniques to pick my mood up out of the mud and pull it into fresh air.

The first is to adjust my posture. Do as the yoga teachers tell us: unslump the spine, drop the shoulders, elongate the neck. If my energy felt stuck before, this is like breaking the dam and letting the good stuff flow again.

The second is not to say it's a day where my mood is in the mud. Instead, to say it is a moment where my mood is in the mud. The next moment might be, too. It also might not be. We don't know. And what we do in this moment could and, in all likelihood will, impact what we feel in the next.

Here's the third thing. It's less of a mood booster and more of a potential calm inducer. Loosen your jaw. Nothing fancy. Just let the old mandible hang, maybe even gently shake it around a bit.

I hold very impressive amounts of tightness in my jaw. At times, just remembering that can soften my face and loosen up my neck and shoulders.

Which, in turn, helps with my adjusted posture, which, in turn, helps get my energy moving again. Which, in turn, can sometimes help make it less of a day and more of a series of moments that my mood is in the mud.

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Mood BoostersCaitie Whelan