The Believer's Mindset

There are a whole bunch of easy mindsets out there. One of the easiest, and easily one of the nastiest, is cynicism.

Our world can be a harsh one; cynicism seems like pretty bulletproof protection against the unkindness out there.

But, I'd argue, the protection is barely skin deep. What we may gain in armor, we may lose in awe, delight in the easily-overlooked, gratitude for the common, wonder in the uncommon.

Ultimately, we may lose our belief that the world can be kinder, greater, better. And without that belief, how can we make it so?

Our work, as I see it, is to be fierce gatekeepers of hope. By hope, I mean that huge will that finds a beautiful way to move our world forward, despite the cynics and the naysayers.

It will always be easier to destroy something than create something. But it is the creators and not the cynics who will move our world forward.

So we plant our gardens. We make our art. We take our ideas and put them out into the open. We risk uncertainty and failure in the name of imagination and possibility. We believe.

And we make a world that is kinder, greater, better.

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