The Little Connections

I've been more focused on little connections lately. By which I mean the people I interact with for just a few minutes. The waitress at the burger place I went to with my mom and the guy behind me at the coffee shop. The nurse taking my blood pressure, the woman next to me at the reception, the cashier who rang me up at the supermarket.

In the past, I've brushed past these moments. I've been busy and preoccupied and stuck up in my life.

But I've noticed people who don't brush past these moments. They pause and make eye contact, use names, josh, ask kind questions. Where most people just transact, they create kinship. And they make those few minutes meaningful.

Now, I ask people how their day is unfolding. Almost always, they ask how my day is unfolding. The waitress and I got to talking about how the jalapeño grilled cheese is the tastiest menu item no one orders and the cashier told me how she got her nickname.

Almost always, I leave these few minutes more excited about this human project we're a part of.

And these little connections are all over - the deli, waiting room, grocery store line, the other end of the phone. So there are chances all over to create kinship.

Then there's this bit of wonder: if I don't brush past these few minutes, these little connections start to feel pretty big.

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