The Art of Making It Happen

I've got a little theory for you, and it goes something like this. The first step in making something happen is believing it can happen.

We don't do that, and it's a bit like trying to paddle forward in a canoe with a hole in the bottom.

I would also say that the bigger the thing we want to make happen - start your own nonprofit, build your own house, move your family to Thailand - the bigger the belief's backbone needs to be.

It can't be some flimsy, gauzy thing that's felled by the slightest whiff of adversity. It needs to grow full and strong, and be maintained at that level. And I think some of the finest nutrients we can feed it are good people and good ideas. People who enliven us and ideas that animate us. Meditation, self-kindness, leafy greens help, too.

There is a place in this world for big things. In fact, this world needs big things and the people who make them happen. Especially those big things that narrow the divide between where we are and where we want to be, that help us become more the people we want to become and, in turn, help others around us do the same.

But at the heart of all big things that do happen is someone who believed they could happen. And there's no reason we can't be that someone.

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Growing GrittierCaitie Whelan