The Little Voice That Calls Out, "I Wonder Why..."

One evening after dinner, I picked up my phone. "How do whales communicate?" I typed. Page after page came up. Whales click, pulse, whistle to each other, I read. Some sounds are for navigation, some are for being chatty.

I've been doing this more often. And by this, I mean listening to that wonderful little voice that calls out softly, I wonder why...

For one, devices make it easy as pie. Cherry soda recipes, DIY canoes, six things to know about quantum mechanics - it's all there just a few clicks away.

But the main reason I do it is to respect my curiosity. If one indication of respect is the amount of attention and time we give something, then I've given my fear the lion's share. So, this is a little step towards righting the imbalance.

I've listened to podcasts on why bears hibernate, read up on how fiber optic cable works and where the name 'nasturtium' comes from. I don't remember it all. But I do think anytime we engage with new material, it refreshes and excites our thinking. Maybe even opens it up a bit.

So, one thing I looked up was the etymology of curiosity. It comes indirectly from a Latin word which has a few meanings, one of which is 'care.'

And I do think that when we give our curiosity our respect, it's an act of care. For that wonderful little voice, that so easily gets drowned out by busyness and tiredness and preoccupation, but still calls out, "I wonder why..."

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Caitie Whelan