Thanking Those We Left Unthanked

There are plenty of folks who touched my life, and I never thanked them for it. Teachers - tons of teachers, especially in elementary and middle school. An artist, friend, relative who offered some insight that changed my thinking. And many, many others.

So, I've made a practice of going back and thanking those I left unthanked. I figure they deserve to know the impact they've made.

I'll send a letter, an email, or I'll make a call. I went back to a coffee shop to thank a barista who made my drink so lovingly you would think it was for her best friend.

And I, who trade in words, don't know the right ones to tell you how powerful this practice has become for me.

Reliving how someone touched my life. Tracking down their contact information. Finding a few words to capture their impact. Telling them. It has to be one of the most heart-expanding things I do with my time.

And unless the person has died, it's never too late. Actually, the fact that something stayed with us all those years can make the thank you even more powerful.

Plus, it's so common for people to think they can't make an impact. And how incredible that with a simple thank you, we can remind them that they can, and do.

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