The Mighty Act of Beginning Again

I think one of the most beautiful words in the English language is "begin." It comes from the old Germanic meaning "to attempt, to undertake."

And oftentimes, our first attempt, our first undertaking doesn't go as we wanted.

We don't paint the landscape the way we see it in our mind. We don't qualify for the marathon, our scores don't make the cut, we get a "Thanks, but no thanks" dismissal.

It can be a big whack to the spirit.

Which is why I think one of the most triumphant phrases in the English language is "begin again."

It's courage's triumph over discouragement. Yes, we attempted. Yes, it didn't go as hoped. And no, that won't stop us from learning all we can learn from the first attempt. Then going back out there to begin again.

And that is one mighty act.

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