The Million Dollar Exercise

If I gave you $1 million, what would you change about your life with it? Travel more, eat-in less? Buy finer clothes and cheeses? Pay off college, car, house loans?

Now, what wouldn't you change about your life with it?

Maybe you'd still go to the same gym because the community is so great. Still walk that loop by the water in the morning because the view leaves you speechless. Still talk to friends late at night. Still love the smell of used book stores, that triumphant feeling at the end of a run.

What we would change is wise to keep in mind. What we wouldn't change is wise to keep in heart.

From where I'm standing, these are the things that can't be bought or paid for. Call them our sustenance, what fills up our soul, or just plain human nourishment.

Whatever name we give them, they are essential to our wealth - not, perhaps, of money, but of spirit.

So a million bucks would be a great thing to have. But a wealthy spirit is a great thing to be.

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