The Acts of Ordinary Decency

I want to shine a bright light on some small things. Letting a car merge in during rush hour. Putting change in the tip jar. Holding the door for three, four, five people.

Telling someone with one item to go ahead of you at the grocery store. Asking the bank teller, sales associate, customer service rep how she's doing. And listening to the answer.

These are a few acts of ordinary human decency. They go unsung. Often they go unacknowledged.

And yet they still matter. Because what matters isn't measured by celebration or acknowledgment alone.

There is a quieter measure of matter, which is the impact on the human heart. And I have to believe that these small acts brush up against the human heart and leave it a little warmer, softer than it was before. They've left mine that way.

So these little acts of decency are worthwhile. They might not move mountains. But they can move hearts. Which will always be worth the while.

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