How to Be More Than Just Fine

I stood in the kitchen one humid and hot evening. Somewhat mindlessly, I picked up a glass of water and took a sip. And maybe this has happened to you, but it was only when I sipped, that I realized how thirsty I was.

I drank the rest of the water, filled up the glass, drank that, filled up the glass again, drank half of that.

And I couldn't help but wonder, So what else do I need that I don't even know I need?

Stretching, reading fiction, dancing, camping, seeing live music? I get by without them just fine. But life is about more than being just fine.

Because when I do these things, I get this tremendous vibrant and awake feeling; I've got to believe it's sustenance for the spirit.

So that humid and hot evening, I made a promise to myself: Remember how good this water feels. Remember you didn't know you needed it. If you remember it enough, perhaps you won't be so quick to dismiss that "LIVE FIDDLE MUSIC" poster, the weekend in the woods invitation, a swing dance class.

And perhaps you'll remember that the spirit does need sustenance.

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