Courage Defying Cynicism

I was out walking the other day. Just off the footpath was a large rippled flower glowing sure and strong.

Lovely, I thought. I should take a picture, send it to my mother, ask her what it is.

And immediately my next thought was: Why bother?

If you want to suck the air, life, joy out of a room, that is precisely the question to ask.

And here's what I've found to be true: Whenever I have a "Why bother?" thought, it's a sure sign I should bother.

For me, "Why bother?" is the bully cynic trying to grab the mic and smash out risk, creativity, connection, new growth with it.

So anytime I do bother, I count it as courage defying cynicism.

It's true these are small victories - bothering to call out hello, when it's easier to be silent; bothering to take the stairs when the elevator is right there; bothering to put the shopping cart back when it's cold and the car is so warm and inviting.

But these victories stack up on top of each other until they tower over the bully cynic. And glow sure and strong like that large rippled flower.

Which I now know, courtesy of my mother, is a hibiscus.

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