A Simple Way to Celebrate People

Of all the habits I have, this is one of my favorites: I collect people's birthdays. Because those dates matters to me. It's when a person - a wholly unique person like none the world has known before - came to the party.

The idea, of course, wasn't mine; humans have been doing it since there were clocks and calendars.

I plug the dates into my phone. On the day of birth, I get a notification. And I'll either get on the phone or send an email letting that person know what an awesome presence she or he is in my life, and the life of the world.

This habit is a favorite for a few reasons: It helps nourish connections with friends in far-flung corners of the world, or in the same town. Perhaps more importantly, though, it's a simple way to celebrate people. And to value people.

See, here's what I believe: the world is forever changed when someone new enters it. We can forget that, though, as we join the ranks of 7.5 billion.

So my hope with this habit is to remind people: Hey! This party is better, more important since you came on the scene. Thank you.

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