The Beauty of Farsightedness

Perhaps this has happened to you. I go to turn on a lamp. But it doesn't turn on.

Huh, I think. I fiddle with the ribbed knob, turn it multiple times. Still no light.

Probably needs a new bulb, I think. I get one from under the sink, toss out the old bulb, replace the new bulb, and...the lamp still doesn't turn on.

What's the deal here? I wonder. I'm a little irritated now. I had stuff to do that didn't involve fixing this lamp. I stick my head under the lampshade, fiddle with the knob again, twist and retwist the new bulb in. Still no light.

Well, FORget it! I think. I step away from the lamp, flip on the overhead light. When I turn around and see the lamp from across the room, I notice that it's not plugged in.

And what I often think when this happens is that sometimes we can easily see from afar what is nearly impossible to see up close.

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