The Art of Doing Not Wishing

I'm not a big fan of wish lists. The "I wish I had more money, more time, a shorter commute, longer legs, a cottage by the sea" kind of wish list.

Wishing is a verb. But it's a pretty passive one. And last I checked, wishes-come-true don't show up one day in the mail.

I am a big fan of do lists. As in, What thing did I do today to move - even if only by a centimeter - closer to what I want to do or who I want to be?

Did I add a buck to the "cottage fund"? Relinquish 10 minutes of online time for 10 minutes of offline time? Try a different route to work? Read 10 pages in that book on index funds?

The do list isn't always pitch perfect. We might find that some things bring us leaps and bounds closer to where we want to be, while others fizzle right out. That will happen. We are human.

But what's important is that we are moving, reaching, off-the-couch-and-stretching rather than wishing, pining, whistling Dixie.

Also. The act of doing is an act of self-respect. We are turning to that highly brave, easily dismissed part of us and saying - to paraphrase Maya Angelou - "I'm with you. Let's go."

So here's to the doer in all of us. And of all the things we dismiss, may that highly brave part of us not be one of them.

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