Mind Nourishment

For a moment, let's think about what we take in. Not what we put into our mouths. But what we put in front of our eyes and into our ears.

And I'd like us to step beyond news, though that's a popular one to examine. But instead look at the posts and podcasts, articles and shows, books and songs we flood our mind with.

These words, images, notes, ideas can't help but inform our thinking, influence our mood, nudge our head in one direction or another.

So, the question I have for us is this: Are these things helping us to become the people we want to become?

Not every drop of information we drink has to be enlightening; there is good reason for beachy reads. But on the whole, is what we take in helping us to learn the things we want to learn and move in the direction we want to go? Is it nourishing us?

I think it's a worthwhile exercise, every now and again, to ask that of our feeds, queues, subscriptions, and bedside table books. If the answer is no, perhaps time to cut it loose.

Our eyes and our ears are the portals to one amazing hunk of gray matter. And I think a big part of our job is to be thoughtful gatekeepers of what we nourish it with.

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