This Incredible Moment at a Coffee Shop

Months ago, a stranger behind me bought me coffee. The card reader at the coffee shop wasn't working. I had no cash. And the stranger said, I've got it.

Yesterday, I decided to pay it forward.

I walked into a coffee shop. I ordered my drink. And I told the barista I wanted to pay for the coffee of whomever came behind me.

I do that at tolls, the barista said with a great smile. Once, a fellow I paid for drove up alongside me to wave thanks.

That's terrific! I said, handing her my card.

She rang me up and added a few bucks to cover whomever came after.

I walked over to the bar to wait for my coffee. I buzzed around on my phone. A man in a mint colored shirt approached me.

That was very nice of you, he said with a great smile, mug of coffee in his hand.

My pleasure, I said. He went to sit down. And I sent a little thought out to the stranger behind me months ago, Thanks for this. I saw some great smiles and felt a little more connected to strangers in a coffee shop.

The barista brought me my drink.

She nodded towards the man in the mint green shirt and said, He paid for the drink of the person behind him.

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