The Two Types of People

A few years ago, a man stood on the stage. I don't remember his name, work, the through line of his talk. But he shared a quote. From whom? Well, I can't remember that either.

But the quote went something like this.

There are two types of people in the world: those who believe there are two types of people and those who don't.

A few years later, I still grab ahold of that wisdom, and hard. The former is an easy and rigid view of the world I can be seduced by, the latter is a messy and generous one I can be overwhelmed by.

But I somehow think life is always asking us to see it with expansive eyes. To resist oversimplification and rise to complexities. Hold contradictions in our heart and lift our faces up to see the morning sky at that moment when it holds both the sun and moon.

Maybe there are two types of people. Maybe there is this and that, do or don't, will or won't. But I'm not sure that can ever tell the full human story.

No need to accept the false bifurcations you're handed, the man on the stage seemed to say.

So, if someone splits a complex truth into two simple parts, expansive eyes look between, beyond those parts. And they look knowing that this messy, generous world is made up of all types.

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