A Totally Excellent, Totally Free Rejuvenation Tool

I've stumbled on this brilliant open secret. I'm blown away by its simplicity and its power.

And here's what it is: regular movement.

I know, I know, what's so earth-shattering about that?

Well, it's one of the best rejuvenation tools I know. And it doesn't cost a cent.

Every 90 minutes or so, I close my computer and walk around the block or do a loop of the neighborhood. I get some new air in my lungs, get energy and blood pumping through my system, get looser in my thinking. And I return to my work re-excited, fresh, and more compassionate.

When I first started it, I resisted it. I'd be sitting at my computer, knowing it was moving time, and that stubborn part of me that despises change would say, Come on, Caitie, just grind this work out.

But here's a fact: Never once in the history of Caitie Whelan has grinding it out resulted in meaningful work.

And the more I use this tool, the more I can't ignore how impactful it is.

Of course it's no guarantee the work will be good. But I feel good about doing it. Which in and of itself is pretty meaningful.

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