The Transformative Capacity of Joy

When my confidence takes a nosedive, the last thing on my mind is joy. I mope. I ruminate. I question myself.

And, this just in, none of that helps. It's all too inward-facing and downward-pulling to transform my thinking.

So, to interrupt these old habits, I've got a little practice I've been trying. All it entails is doing something small and joyful.

It helps to make a list of small, joyful things beforehand. Trying to come up with them when my mind is covered in no-confidence sludge is a bit like trying to find a whole orange in a bottle of orange juice; it's all there, but quite impossible to assemble.

I put on music. Turn it up loud. (Lately Stevie Wonder and Dolly Parton.) And boogie, twist, shake my way around the room.

Or watch an old Monty Python clip.

Or text a friend to let them know they're brilliant.

Or give a little money to a cause I believe in.

Each of these gets me facing outward and upward. They juice up my thinking, get it more excited, expansive, connected, all of which help to transform my thinking. And refill my confidence.

This practice isn't radical. It's just a list of small, joyful things. But I'm starting to think that the transformative capacity of joy is pretty radical.

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