How Not to Waste Time

I want to try a little thought experiment. Think of the last thing you did that seemed like a total waste of time.

Wait on hold for 45 minutes, only to get disconnected?

Spend half an hour looking for free parking then just decide to pay for the garage?

Try to fix your phone and now it won't even turn on?

For me, I want that time back. And I think there's a way to do that. Find the learning in that time that seemed so wasted.

Forty-five minutes on hold? Maybe the learning is to make those calls when you're out walking, folding laundry, or doing something mindless that could take a while.

Half an hour looking for free parking? Perhaps the learning is you decide to set a 10-minute rule and if, after that time, there's no free parking, go for the garage.

We can't relive those minutes spent in ways other than we intended. But we can shake loose some learning from them. And when we are a little wiser for our time, it is never wasted.

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