Can I Give You a Unicorn with Your Coffee?

One Sunday, someone put a unicorn in my cup of coffee. I didn't order a super special drink, just an ordinary thing off the menu.

But what arrived was a unicorn drawn of foam, and made by a caring hand.

I took a picture. Over the next week, I shared the picture with several friends. Can you believe it?! I'd say. No way! many of them responded. Clearly a sign of something magical, one friend said.

The following Friday, I got off the phone after an energy-sucking tech support call. I needed a refresh before returning to work.

So, I decided to call the coffee shop where I had been given the unicorn.

A woman answered. I came in last Sunday, I said. I ordered an ordinary drink. But somebody put a unicorn in it. I loved it! Then I shared it with a bunch of friends. And I loved their reactions. That unicorn has given me real awesomeness this week. And I wanted to say thank you.

Oh! the woman exclaimed, I made that.

I'm so glad you answered! I said; my energy was popping now. You gave me a unicorn I could share with all my friends.

My pleasure, she told me. And her voice was appreciative, but the way she spoke, I had this sense she didn't do it to be thanked. She did it because she cared enough to do it.

Then I got off the phone with the unicorn maker.

And I don't know what magic is, but someone caring enough to take an ordinary thing and make it an extraordinary thing seems pretty close.

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