What We Want Versus What We're Told to Want

We get told so much, don't we? Go to this college and that grad school. Have X position by Y age. Busy means important and these devices will bring us simplicity or fulfillment or both.

We're told so much about who we should be and become. It's only normal to live our life by it, to take it on as our own.

Only it isn't ours. And often there's a difference between what we're told to want and what we actually want.

The tricky piece is what we're told to want is right here, loud and clear, lying at the end of a well-lit path. While what we want often makes itself known slowly, in moments of silence and stillness. And lies along a dimly lit path.

But. If we can be patient with ourselves, kind to ourselves, if we can surround ourselves with others who aren't doing just what they're told to do, I think what we want becomes clearer. What we're told to want becomes less compelling.

And our courage gets burning so bright it can light up all we need to see to start down that dimly lit path.

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