One Thing to Do With Self-Defeating Thoughts

Our minds can gin up all kinds of self-defeating thoughts. I don't measure up. I'm not attractive enough. I'd never get that job, so why bother trying?

These thoughts can get so large, so flexed, and so full of themselves, they can go around masquerading as reality.

Now, when my mind's swept away in this thinking, there's a question I've found to be helpful:

What's outside this thought?

And sometimes, just reminding myself that this is a thought can be like opening up a window to let some fresh thinking in.

As my father says, these defeating thoughts are a bit like leeches that latch right on to our sense of self and suck out the confidence and the moxie.

So, next time a leech comes to call, let's try remembering to ask ourselves: What's outside this thought?

And see if we can't bring in some fresher, kinder thinking.

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